FAQ - Grant Rounds

Q: Who can apply for philanthropic grants from The Channel?

A: The Channel has two pools of funds avaliable, Haring Grants and Hamptons Grants.

Hamptons Grants

Hampton Grants are funded by our member base to help new initiatives, individuals or grassroots organisations that support the LGBTIQ+ community.

Hamptons Grants are open anyone regardless of if they do or do not have Deductible Gift Recipent (DGR1) status.

Haring Grants

Haring Grants are funded by our member base to support established organisations who are doing great work within the LGBTIQ+ Community. 

Haring Grants are only open to organisations who have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR1) Status. 

Irrespective of whether you are applying for a Haring or Hampton grant, your project must:

  • Have a charitable purpose.
  • Be fully conducted in Australia for the benefit of people living in Australia.

Each grant round has a unique theme. Submissions that fulfil the theme's criteria well are most likely to be successful.

Q: How many Grant Rounds Do you Run Each Year?

A: We currently run at least three grant rounds per year. This may change as the amount we grant grows. Sign up to our newsletter to be informed of grant rounds and changes.

Q: When will you run a Grant Round supporting <CAUSE>?

A: Each time we kick off a new grant round we call for theme suggestions from our Membership and our broader community. A volunteer Advisory Committee (made up of Members) is tasked with shortlisting the suggestions. The Board then signs off on the final theme. In short, we don't know when we will fund a particular cause, but you are welcome to suggest a cause when we call for suggestions for the coming round.

Q: Haring grants require applicants to have DGR1 - can i apply under the auspices of another organisation that has this status if my project does not?

A: Yes, we will accept applications via auspice arrangement. A signed auspice agreement or similar document should be attached to the expression of interest form where this is the case, and the expression of interest must be submitted by the organisation that has DGR1 status. Alternatively, you do not need DGR1 status to be eligible for a Hampton grant.

Q: What if the organisation that auspices me haD a turnover beyond the limit listed in the grant criteria in thE previous financial year? Does that render me ineligible even if I don't have a turnover of this size?

A: No, as long as the project/organisation that the auspice organisation plans to direct the funds towards did not have a turnover beyond the limit listed in the grant criteria in the previous financial year, it is eligible.

Q: my organisation / project Doesn't really fit some of the guidelines, is it worth applying?

A: If you're unsure as to whether or not you fit the guidelines or criteria please contact us to discuss your application.

Q: Can i submit more than one expression of interest?

A: You can only submit one expression of interest per grant round, but you can submit an expression of interest in more than one grant round, irrespective of whether or not you were successful previously.

Q: individuals can apply for hampton grants, but you are not open to funding 'projects that benefit an individual'. How does this work?

A: Applicants must demonstrate how they will use the funds to benefit others, not just themselves. The funds can go to an individual, but must be used for broader community benefit.

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