FAQ - How We Work

Q: What is a giving Circle?

A: Groups of individuals donate their own money to a pooled fund and decide together on which not-for-profit or community program to give it to. This not only raises money for organisations who are vital to the community, but also increases awareness and engagement around the issues that the selected beneficiary covers. 

Some giving circles (like The Channel) also provide an opportunity for members to socialise, learn about philanthropy and contribute their time and skills to support relevant causes, not just their money. 

Q: Why donate to a giving circle instead of giving to a project directly?

A: Usually, individuals wanting to support a social cause donate to a single organisation focusing on a single issue within that field. They rarely see what their donation is used for, or know if it has made a difference. 

A giving circle is able to be responsive to the changing needs of the community. Donating through a giving circle allows members to come together and combine financial resources which are then directed to organisations who members feel are most deserving of funding. 

This process has the side benefits of opening members' eyes to organisations and causes that they would not normally have been aware of, in a process that we call engaged giving. 

A lot more can be done with $100,000 than with $100

Q: How much of the money raised actually goes to the grants?

A: 100%.

That's right, every single cent of the money donated by our members goes directly to our grants. Our operational costs are covered through separate fundraising activities. If you would like to help with our operating costs, please get in touch.

Q: How Does the Channel Allocate Funding?

A: Our process for choosing who to fund is simple.

1. We pool our Funds

Membership starts at just $25.00 per month. 

2. We Learn

We gain a better understanding of what areas in the rainbow (LGBTIQ+) community need support, and some of the awesome organisations, charities and individuals who are doing great work in this area. 

3. We Engage

Through events, communications and experiences we engage our Members and potential grant recipients and identify a short list.

4. We Vote

Our members vote on which of the short listed projects they want to see funded.

5. We Grant

The project(s) with the most votes recieve the pooled funds. 

That's not all! We encourage our Members to provide in kind support to the grant recipients and short listed projects, building their capacity. We also track the progress of funded projects and provide information about the ongoing impact of the funds.