FAQ - Who We Support

Q: What types of projects does the Channel Raise funding for?

A: The Channel funds 'rainbow' or 'LGBTIQ+' projects. In particular, rainbow projects that are:

  • for broader community benefit;

  • based in Australia;

  • brave (we're not afraid to take a risk!);

  • filling a gap that exists, or serve a purpose that is often underfunded or overlooked.

Q: What Does 'LGBTIQ+' Stand For?

A: LGBTIQ+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer. 

Q: What do we mean when we say 'rainbow'?

A: We sometimes use the word 'rainbow' in the place of the full LGBTIQ+ acronym. In this instance, rainbow stands for inclusive of all sexual and gender orientations. It is a term that we use to focus on what unites us as a community, rather than what divides us. 

Q: Why this focus Area?

A: Incredible not-for-profit organisations led by or working with the Australian rainbow community are often under-funded by the government and overlooked by traditional philanthropic trusts and foundations. In the US, only 27c out of every 100 philanthropic dollars goes to LGBTIQ+ causes. This is less than any other disadvantaged group. This focus area is still seen as 'too political' by many funders.

Due to a lack of financial resources, LGBTIQ+ projects are mostly run solely by volunteers and are therefore limited in their capacity to achieve large scale change. We know that rates of youth suicide, poor mental health, experiences of harassment and violence, workplace discrimination and homelessness (to name just a few areas of disadvantage) are higher in the LGBTIQ+ community. We focus on this area because there's a gap and The Channel's model is designed to close it.