A Clever Label (ACL)


Documentary Australia Foundation

A Clever Label (or ACL) is an interactive, immersive documentary experience exposing the influence of the Australian Christian Lobby on our democracy and its impacts on LGBTQI+ people.

Follow Michela Ledwidge as she leads the audience to make their own discoveries and connect the dots. Using interactive virtual reality technology, Michela shares her personal story as a queer, trans woman as a starting point to spotlight public but often hidden data.


pride in care


Lara Gerrand

An advocacy, education and leadership organisation lead by same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse young people with an out of home care experience (that’s young people who have lived in foster care, residential care or kinship care).

Taking inspiration from the RISE program in the US, the group will develop leadership skills to educate workers and carers on how best to work with LGBTQI+ young people in care.