Previous Grant Rounds


We have previously funded projects that are:

  • BRAVE - willing to take a risk / push the envelope / agitate for change / get way outside the comfort zone!

  • lead by members of LGBTIQ+ communities;

  • working to benefit groups within LGBTIQ+ communities that are particularly underrepresented and experiencing multiple forms of disadvantage (CALD, ageing, living in remote areas etc.);

  • working in areas that are particularly under-funded.

Grant Round 4:

diverse storytelling white background.png

In July 2018, The Channel sought expressions of interest from projects that support members of LGBTIQ+ communities to tell their stories or have their voices heard. This was The Channel’s first ever ‘small grants round’, so we did things a little differently this time. Expressions of Interest were in the form of a short (2 minutes max.) video.


4x $2,500

grants were available for individuals or community groups. See the short video submissions from all four recipients here.

Grant Round 3:

P&R insta.png

In March 2018, The Channel sought submissions from projects foster pride and resilience in Australian rainbow communities by acknowledging where we’ve come from and celebrating where we’re going together.

The Haring Grant:


was available to charitable organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient status type 1 (DGR1).

$10,000 Short List



Northcott Innovation

Northcott Innovation (NI) hopes to tackle one of societies last remaining taboos – sexuality and disability, by giving a voice to LGBTQI people with disability in regards to their capacity to engage in sexuality activities of their choosing and the barriers (physical, environmental, social) preventing them from participating in those activities.



Open Doors Youth Services

Queeriosity is Open Doors annual queer youth festival based in Brisbane that has historically attracted 150 to 450 guests. The event aims to provide queer youth a day to celebrate and be celebrated within the community.

Each year, the festival is youth led from beginning to end. It provides our young people an opportunity to take ownership and pride in a festival which celebrates queer youth in many ways.


The RIFF Project

WA AIDS Council

1. Provide a safe space for LGBTQIA+ young people to develop and practice social and music-based skills and feel empowered through creating music and peer mentoring. 2. Provide mentoring that encourages LGBTQIA+ young people to feel better equipped to talk to others about mental health issues through music. 3. Rigorously evaluate peer-to-peer mentoring as a possible tool for suicide prevention for evidence to support future resourcing

The RIFF Project would be a community-based initiative, to promote pride and resilience among LGBTQIA+ young people, who are a high risk group for self-harm and suicide.

Grant Round 2:

overcoming isolation.jpg

In September 2017, The Channel sought submissions from projects fostering connectivity and increasing opportunities for participation for members of rainbow communities in rural and regional areas or facing other forms of isolation.

The Haring Grant:


was available to charitable organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient status type 1 (DGR1).

$5,000 Short List


Rural & Regional LGBTIQ+ Mentoring Program

Out for Australia

- provide online support and resources through our tailored mentoring program to LGBTIQ+ students in isolated areas
- connect individual queer students with a mentor in their preferred industry of employment who is also a member of the LGBTIQ+ community. 
- provide more specialised resources to students who are members of the  LGBTIQ+ Indigenous and people of colour communities as well as students who identify as 2-spirit, sistergirls & brotherboys.


Regional Rollout of Online Mentoring Platform (The WINNER!)

StartOut Australia

StartOut Australia aims to have completed the development of our online mentoring platform by mid-late October 2017.  With almost 85 mentors on board and currently trained or in training, we will be able to put role models in the palms of the hands of young regional and rural DSG people.  Once the platform is finalised and the mentors trained, our focus will shift to promotion of the platform to young people in regional Australia and connecting them to our role models. 


Regional & Remote Assistance Program

Open Doors Youth Services

1. Provide assistance to social workers who require assistance with LGBTIQ+ 12-24 specific issues via Skype or Phone. 
2. Where a regional or remote social worker requires further assistance, our social workers will then provide support directly to the young person via a phone call or skype. 

Grant Round 1:


In March 2017, The Channel sought expressions of interest from individuals and organisations who need funds to support their vision of growing representations of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and sex characteristics in Australian culture - the arts, media and beyond.

We were looking for considered and BRAVE applicants whose projects push public perception and awareness in a positive direction through just and genuine portrayals of identity and experience.

THE Haring Grant:


was available to charitable organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient status type 1 (DGR1).



was available to individuals and non-charitable organisations.

$10,000 short list

 Queer North - Northern Centre For Contemporary Art was shortlisted for the $10,000 Haring Grant.

Queer North

Northern Centre for Contemporary Art

Queer North is a community-based art project which explores the connection between place & sexual and gender identity. Through a series of art workshops the project aims to involve diverse participants from Darwin and the Northern Territory’s queer communities, targeting those who are most marginalised.

The project seeks to give voice and expression to an act and statement of queer north identity by offering workshop participants exposure to screen printing and graphic design techniques as well as to a queer art history of the NT. Participants will produce (or co-produce) screen/photographic prints for gallery and street exhibition & T-shirts.


 QTPOC by Switchboard was a finalist for Brave Representations $10,000 Haring Grant.



A QTPoC (Queer and Trans People of Colour) focused web series that will shift perceptions and raise awareness about ongoing racism within LGBTIQ+ communities. Stemming from Switchboard’s ‘Everybody Under the Rainbow’ initiative which was an internal review of the organisation’s practices in relation to race, QTPOC will tackle tackle islamophobia, racism and exclusion within the LGBTIQ+ community.

QTPOC takes a bold but generous approach for, as Audre Lorde said “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences”. 

A Clever Label (THE WINNER!)

Documentary Australia Foundation

A Clever Label (or ACL) is an interactive, immersive documentary experience exposing the influence of the Australian Christian Lobby on our democracy and its impacts on LGBTIQ+ people.

Follow Michela Ledwidge as she leads the audience to make their own discoveries and connect the dots. Using interactive virtual reality technology, Michela shares her personal story as a queer transwoman as a starting point to spotlight public but often hidden data.

$5,000 short list


Stephanie Westwood

A comedy sketch series based on Instagram that explores mundane moments and micro-aggressions in the lives of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Due to the fact that creating filmic stories is an expensive process, by and large the narratives that get told are for, and about, the mainstream. In the jostle for the spotlight, for funding and for opportunities, often only the most privileged get access. As a result, for a diverse community, our representations are far from it. 

The project aims to enable people who sit on several intersections of oppression to claim their representations by pitching short narratives. From there, a small team of predominantly queer folk will direct, shoot and edit the minisodes.


Charles O'Grady

A full length work of political satire and escapism based on the premise that there exists an alternate universe in which Caitlyn Jenner became the next US president instead of Donald Trump.

Kardashians in the White House, Kanye in the West Wing, Mike Pence in drag, and a visit from the ghost of Sylvia Rivera. Trump is over, and it’s time to Make America Cait Again. #ImWithHair

The funding would be for the development of the play by trans playwright Charles O’Grady.


Lara Gerrand

An advocacy, education and leadership organisation lead by same sex attracted and sex and gender diverse young people with an out of home care experience (that’s young people who have lived in foster care, residential care or kinship care).

Taking inspiration from the RISE program in the US, the group will develop leadership skills to educate workers and carers on how best to work with LGBTIQ+ young people in care.