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1st - you can read about The Channel here

2nd - we want to celebrate you! The #QueerAusFolk social media campaign profiles babin', rockin', inspirational and proud individuals who also happen to be members of the Aussie ~rainbow community~.

How's it work?

Just answer a few quick questions below. Be as long-winded or as brief as you like. Answer them all, or just one, whatever feels right!

Your answers don't have to be all about your gender or sexuality, we know there's so much more that makes you who you are.

Submit your response along with a picture of you.

We'll profile you on our facebook, twitter and instagram, as well as publishing your full response on our blog, and of course including the hashtag #QueerAusFolk.

You can repost/tweet/gram and share to your heart's content. In fact, that part is essential.


The Channel exists to improve the lives of LGBTQIA+ Aussies. Celebrating and showcasing queer identities and experiences can educate our allies and build community connections.

Whether you like it or not, you've got influence over your online followers. Share a bit of yourself and you might just make someone feel less alone. Provide some insight into who you are and you might generate acceptance and understanding for others. 

So get on board and get profiled for good - you'll be in good company as we're getting some big names to join the #QueerAusFolk movement.

#QueerAusFolk launches soon!