The Channel calls for LGBTQIA+ grant applications

The Channel, Australia’s first giving circle funding in the area of diverse sexuality, sex and gender, has opened its inaugural grant round.

The Channel is a diverse community of donors that comes together to help change the way Australians experience gender and sexuality for the better through philanthropy.

The collective giving circle, which launched in December 2016, will distribute $15,000 in grants before June 30.

The Channel pools the monthly donations of a growing membership to fund its grants. Members collectively decide on funding themes and priorities, take part eliciting and short-listing expressions of interest, and then vote on the short-listed applicants to decide which organisations or individuals will receive the funds.

The theme for The Channel’s inaugural grant round is ‘Brave representations’.

Individuals and organisations seeking funds to support their vision of growing representations of diverse sexualities, sex and gender in the Australian arts, media and beyond are invited to submit an expression of interest.

“We are looking for considered and BRAVE applicants whose projects push public perception and awareness in a positive direction through just and genuine portrayals of identity and experience,” says Georgia Matthews, Executive Director, The Channel.

Two grants are available:

The Haring Grant: $10,000 is available to charitable organisations with deductible gift recipient status type 1 (DGR1).

The Hampton Grant: $5,000 is available to individuals, groups and non-charitable or charitable organisations.

“We’re so pleased with the direction the membership has taken this first round,” Matthews says.

“We want to encourage our members to be bold givers—to be smart about where they put their money, but not be too afraid to take a risk. I think this theme allows for that. There’s so little money available in this space, and in the ‘queer’ space in general, that $15,000 is no insignificant sum. I’m excited to see the amazing projects that come to the surface.”

Expressions of interest close 5pm, 21 April 2017.

Full details for submitting an expression of interest are available here or you can get involved with The Channel by joining as a member.

Need more? Take a look at The Channel on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

The Channel’s sub-fund is hosted by the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia.