International Trends in LGBTI Giving

While The Channel is Australia focused, many people are curious as to what is happening at the moment in the global LGBTI space.  While we are preoccupied here with winning marriage equality, the global landscape around LGBTI rights and policy change is very different. 

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Philanthropy is the one major reform left.

Yes, I said it- marriage equality isn’t the major outstanding reform left for Australia, LGBTI philanthropy is. As we debate LGBTI reforms in Australia, with marriage equality remaining front of mind, it is important to note that Australia has actually had a long history of progressive regulatory and legislative reforms, the majority of which were bipartisan.

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Who is Keith Haring?

Due to the extra challenges people from LGBTQIA+ communities have faced, and continue to face, there aren’t too many queer philanthropists kicking about in the history (aka cis, straight, white, male-story) books. If we were to count the philanthropists written about in said books who were in the proverbial closet the numbers may sky rocket, but I guess we will never know.

Because we have two types of grants and Memberships at The Channel (tax-deductible and non tax-deductible) we needed to distinguish between them. Since 'non tax-deductible' hardly rolls off the tongue, we thought this would be a good opportunity to pay homage to the rare and enigmatic beast that is the queer philanthropist.

Enter: Haring Grants and Memberships

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